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News Articles:

Laser Toothbrush for Oral Care (The Korea Herald & Korea International Medical Association, 2009)
Laser Toothbrush Cures Sensitive Teeth (Korea Times, 2009)
Prevent Sensitive Teeth and Toothache with Dr.m Laser Toothbrush (The Korea Economic Daily, 2009)
Cure Toothache & Whiten Teeth with Dr.m (The Korea Economic Daily, 2009)
Dr.m Laser Toothbrush Treat Sensitive Teeth (Donga Magazine, 2009)
No More Toothache with Dr.m (Korean News, 2009)
Improve Quality of Life with Dr.m (Korean News, 2009)


Dr.m Clinical Trial Report (English)
Institutions:The Catholic University of Korea, Seoul, St Mary’s Hospital, Seoul National University Dental Hospital.

Study: To assess the safety and efficacy of the “laser toothbrush”, a low-level laser therapy toothbrush for the treatment of dentin hypersensitivity.

Results: Low level laser toothbrush is considered to be an effective clinical tool for reduction in pain that arises from dentin hypersensitivity. Trialed for efficacy and safety, it has been cleared and approved by FDA, CE, GMP, GOST, IEC, RoHS, SASO, and KFDA.

Download the trial report here.


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